Sotravic was founded by its present Chairman, Pierre Ah Sue on 4 November 1986. Today the company remains a privately owned Mauritian civil and construction company. Sotravic is independent of the large Mauritian commercial groups and owes its expansion and success to a sound reputation in the market place for competence and commitment to completing contracts on time and to specification.

Since inception, Sotravic has adopted a policy of continuous investment in improving and upgrading resources; in personnel, plant and equipment, head office and plant yard facilities.

From modest beginnings with minor building and trench work jobs, Sotravic Ltd consolidated and expanded its range of activities. By undertaking demolition and other civil engineering works and, spearheaded by its characteristic spirit of adventure, steadily embarked on projects of greater complexity.

Sotravic specialised in pipeline construction for potable water mains, irrigation pipelines and most notably, the laying of sewers often in difficult, cramped conditions, lack of working space and presence of congested underground services, high water table and volcanic rock.