Corporate Governance

In October 2017, the Executive Chairman, Pierre Ah Sue, has approved a Corporate Governance Manual. The manual is in compliance with the National Code of Corporate Governance, revised 2016. It highlights how the group is adhering to the main principles of good governance which are as follows:

The Principles of Good Governance that are followed:
Principle 1: Governance Structure;
Principle 2: Structure of the Board and its Committees;
Principle 3: Director Appointment Procedures;
Principle 4: Directors’ Duties, Remuneration and Performance;
Principle 5: Risk Governance and Internal Control;
Principle 6: Reporting with Integrity;
Principle 7: Audit, Internal and External Audit
Principle 8: Relations with Shareholders and Other Stakeholders.

The Holding Company ensures that each Subsidiary Company obtains a copy of the Manual, to allow them to adhere to good governance principles.

Members of the Boards at the level of each Subsidiary will monitor compliance and make sure that appropriate actions be taken by the Management of the Subsidiaries to ensure compliance.