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Potable Water

Over the past 32 years Sotravic has been a key contributor in upgrading the aging Mauritius water network. Over time the company has executed over Rs 5bn of infrastructure in often very difficult conditions, due to the populated and occupied working environment.

To date Sotravic installed over 700km of water pipeline infrastructure in all parts of Mauritius. Water is a valuable resource due to Mauritius size and limited storage options and the conservation thereof remains a National interest.

Sotravic is often approached by Government to execute works on an emergency basis as was the case in the much needed water diversion project from Mare Longue dam to the Mare aux Vacoas feeder in which Sotravic completed the works within budget and 4 months early.

Part of Sotravic’s success has been due to its own large Plant fleet, which today is in excess 1,000 major Plant items. This capacity has enabled Sotravic to tender for the most difficult projects and successfully execute the work even under the toughest conditions.

Sotravic specializes in the following potable water infrastructure installations;

High Pressure Pipelines, Reservoirs, Pump stations, Telemetry Solutions, Water Treatment Plants, large scale Pivot Irrigations and Water Feeder Canals.