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Innovation Strategy

Change and innovation have been the key drivers of advancement and diversification for Sotravic Limitée. Innovation has not only become a differentiator in our competitive market but a strategic tool for empowerment of our people as staff are encouraged to find smarter ways of doing business.

Our Research & Development department are constantly researching any new technologies available with a focus on Energy Generation or Conservation that is both environmentally friendly and beneficial to society.

Expansion into Africa, a key strategic market, where Sotravic is engaging in partnering solutions in landfill, waste management, waste to energy and infrastructure solutions similar to our model in Mauritius.

The Group is currently in discussions with various governments for Gas to Energy concessions.

With an investment of MUR 243 million over the past 4 years, Sotravic has been able to allocate Rs 90 million to innovation, renew our main equipment, strengthen many aspects of the company’s operations and implement the new structure at all levels.

The company continues to work towards its strategic plans in building long-term and sustainable growth for the Group by strengthening its key pillars of Infrastructure, Waste & Energy, Engineering solutions and Equipment rental.