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Green Commitment

Sotravic's drive into finding Green Solutions and Green friendly enterprises lies at the core of its future investment and growth. Its commitment towards a greener society has been fundamental in its diversified growth into these areas.

Sotravic is an environmentally conscious company that recognizes the importance of preserving natural resources for the youth of tomorrow. As a company, we are not only in the business of implementing innovative solutions; we are in the business of improving lives.

Sotravic strives to be a leader when it comes to environmental consideration, and is actively participating in finding ways to use green solutions on its projects. Sotravic has taken the initiative by combining current innovations in environmental technology and applying them to our everyday business activities and products whenever possible.

Our goal and philosophy is to enhance your day-to-day life by minimizing our eco-footprint.

Environmental Risk Management Table

The major environmental risks that the Group is actively managing :

Release of hydrocarbons Landfill Management
Water/ground water pollution Removal of old sewer infrastructure and septic tanks and replacing with suitable Sewer network that is link to treatment plants.
Waste management Waste Transfer and Landfill Management
Renewable Energy Landfill gas to Energy Plant
Water Conservation Replacing old water infrastructure, linking and balancing of water resources, installation of sprinkler irrigation and actively participate in water conservation campaigns