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Waste Transfer

Sotravic entered the solid waste management market in 2005 and has successfully increased its resources, skill and technology to become industry leaders in this field.

The Company has always responded to calls from the public and stakeholders to participate in public health and environmental preservation actions. In view of this, Sotravic has recognized that, in the aftermath of a natural calamity, solid waste management can be problematic for local authorities and has pre-arranged for dedicated waste carrier lorries to be made available in emergency for use by the authorities in the collection of waste or debris causing obstruction to key civilian infrastructure.

Household waste is collected in various suburbs and towns around Mauritius by independent contractors and is transported to handling transfer stations. At these stations the waste is loaded by Sotravic into big truck carriers and transported to its final destination, Mare Chicose Landfill Site.

Sotravic currently operates two waste transfer stations namely La Chaumiere and Roche Bois. The latter station includes the complete upgrading of the station to allow the use of lorry/trailers with a capacity of 70m3. The Roche Bois Transfer Station receives approximately 250 Tons of household waste per day and the La Chaumiere Transfer Station receives up to 400 Tons of waste per day.