• vision and values

Commitment to Quality & Safety

Sotravic’s commitment to completing contracts on time, to specification, with no serious injury or accidents lies at the core of its focus.

Our commitment to quality has been fundamental to our success. We deliver quality products and services in full compliance with its contractual requirements. From planning to execution, we seek the best possible engineering methods of execution, taking into account the strict public service delivery requirements, quality of material and maintainability.

Due to the nature and location of most of its projects, Sotravic has inherently a very high Public Safety Risk which has to be managed 24/7. In close co-operation with the Authorities and dedicated safety personnel Sotravic is able to ensure this and also create a safe working environment.

Sotravic’s commitment to a Safety First culture is testament to its good safety record and prides itself in having an industry-leading safety record, with all employees from the top down being provided with training to international standards.