• GIS - Geotechnical Solutions


The wellbeing of our employees is of paramount importance, and a huge emphasis is placed on ensuring that our procedures are correctly implemented to ensure the safest possible working environment for all.

Sotravic strives to be a leader when it comes to environmental consideration and is actively participating in finding ways to use green solutions on its projects.

The Geotechnical Department was established 15 years ago and has gained an extremely strong track record of delivering high-quality engineered drilling, coring, investigation and geo-environmental assessments.

Since then, this department has been incorporated as a subsidiary company; Geotechnical Investigation Solutions Ltd and is now trading as an independent business unit.

GIS can cope with difficult and restricted site access across all ground conditions when executing various types of investigation or drilling works.

Geotechnical Activities

Our drilling teams are trained to the highest standards in soil sampling, testing, gas and water extraction, anchoring, dredging or geo-assessments. Our services include;

  • Geophysical surveys,
  • Geotechnical investigation,
  • Drilling of boreholes,
  • Cores or piles,
  • Vertical and horizontal anchoring works and
  • Dredging of marinas or port channels.

We have invested significantly over the past years considering the choice of equipment to ensure its suitability.

A new multi-purpose mini piling rig and Italswis grout batching plant, we have opted for Casagrande and Schramm drilling rigs, which offered us the best multi-disciplined equipment with full backup service as required.