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Over the past 32 years Sotravic has been a key contributor in upgrading the aging Mauritius water network executing over Rs 5bn of Water infrastructure and Rs 8bn of Sewer infrastructure projects in often very difficult conditions, due to hard volcanic rock and a densely populated and occupied working environment.

To date Sotravic has installed over 700km of water pipelines and 400km of sewer pipeline networks including 40,000 house connections. This includes the construction of reservoirs, major pump stations and treatment plants to manage these networks.

Sotravic continues to use its increasing experience, extensive plant and equipment resources and financial strength to consolidate its position as market leader in the Infrastructure sector.

Our Services Include:

* Design, Supply and Installation of new water or sewer pipe networks
* Roads and storm water infrastructure
* Construction of pumping stations, reservoirs and treatment plants
* Mechanical & Electrical installations
* Operation and maintenance of treatment plants
* Design and installation of Pivot irrigation systems
* Construction of feeder water canals
* Construction of bridge crossings
* Dam rehabilitation and construction
* Soil erosion protection works
* Coastal protection works